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Lara Sanna

Art consultant.

Art teacher.


Museum educator. 

Exhibition curator.

Art photographer.


Me in few words

My academic background comes from Italy, where I have studied Fine Arts. In Italy, I have also taken my university degree in Art history.

I have completed my studies, first in Iceland, where I researched to my monographic thesis on Johannes Svensson Kjarval, and then in Sweden, where I studied a Master in Museology with a specialization on accessibilities in museums' sites and Universal Design.

I have, under many years, been working both as a freelancer and as a teacher in visual art, and I still do it, enjoying very much.

My deep love on Fine Arts has taken his form in Art Photography, a parallel activity that brought my artworks on exhibitions and publication. 


Creative Workshops and
Art lectures.

Exhibition Curator

Art consultant


Art Photography

With an academic interest in fine arts and art history, I developed a passion for photography and I brought it into my work as a visual art teacher. I began to apply the technical aspect into the art historical world, shooting photos of landscapes and post-producing them toward different languages.

My photographic world has kept me company during my journey spent into the artistic environment in the role of art consultant and visual art teacher and still travels with me.

I find the creative process the most rewarding aspect in the artistic process and this is the reason which brings me to explore different languages and media.

I print on different paper exploring the different aspects of the texture which gives

to each photo its own identity.

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Fine Art Photography

Photo projects


Lund, Sweden